Who We Are

Donagh Bees
My name is Abdul and I am from Carndonagh. I have lived here now for six years. My story began in Syria my country of birth. I left Syria due to the war, with my then pregnant wife. We travelled overland to Turkey then Greece then to Ireland. This is now my home. We are a family of five, three children myself and my wife. My family were beekeepers and my father still keeps bees in Hama in Syria. So I decided that this is my future that bees will help me on my journey to support my family and I will help them to support our environment. I now have 45 beehives and many different types of hives. I hope to help to bring about a change in how we look at the wonderful bee because without it mankind would not survive. Like man, the bee likes a warm dry place to live, and I will do my best to help provide this. So, I have this year 2022 begun the journey to build homes for bees. I am very aware that over the last few decades there has been a huge decline in the insect population mainly due to mankind not respecting mother nature and using chemicals to destroy the food these insects need for their survival. We don’t even produce the food we eat locally anymore; this is transported overland for thousands of kilometers adding to the destruction of our environment. It is now time we did our own little bit to stop climate change and protect this land for the benefit of future generations. But I cannot do this without your help. I need you to help us protect our countryside and let plants grow so the bees and insects have food. Do not use insecticides and herbicides such a roundup etc; buy locally grown food and if at all possible, grow your own. Let’s have lots of conversations about how my bees can help you and our family live in a landscape full of the colour of flowers and herbs. Lets stop shipping now from the other side of the world and eat that which the bees give us here. Let's start this journey together in 2024…

Our Future

While none of us can predict the future in great detail, it is our hope to continue bringing more reasons to smile, to more people, with an growing portfolio of high quality food products. Innovation, quality, and continuous improvement, has been a cornerstone of our evolution over the years, and will surely continue to be keys to our growth in the future.