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Galvanized Queen Excluder

Galvanized Queen Excluder

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A Galvanized Queen Excluder is a device used in beekeeping to prevent the queen bee from laying eggs in the honey supers. The queen excluder consists of a metal frame with a mesh screen that allows worker bees to pass through, but prevents the queen from doing so as she is too large to fit through the openings. This helps to keep the honey in the honey supers pure and free from unwanted substances.

Galvanized steel is a common material used for queen excluders as it provides durability and resistance to corrosion. By using a queen excluder, beekeepers can avoid destroying brood during the honey extraction process, which can be beneficial for the health and growth of the colony.

It is recommended to wait until there are at least 20 inches of developed brood frames before adding the excluder to the hive. This helps to ensure that the colony has enough resources to grow and thrive throughout the season. Before using a queen excluder, it's important to consider the timing and the needs of the colony, as adding an excluder too soon or without enough space can cause the colony to swarm.

Galvanized Queen Excluder for National Beehives 460mm*460mm

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